The Family Service Center located in downtown Davenport provides shelter to families in crisis. The program is designed to provide food and emergency or transitional housing to families in need.

We hope this program helps to identify the causes of homelessness and helps to alleviate or eliminate homelessness at its source. Extensive background checks are done in order to keep all clients in a safe environment.

Clients will participate in programs and workshops developed to promote self-sufficiency and personal development and The Salvation Army also works with clients to help them transition into a more permanent housing situation.

On-site case workers develop, in cooperation with clients, an extensive goal-oriented program. Case workers continually motivate clients to meet these goals. In turn, clients are given responsibilities around the center, including cleaning details and other applicable tasks.

Who is Eligible?

  • Individuals or families that meet the US Department of Housing and Urban Development criteria for homelessness are eligible for assistance from the Family Service Center (guidelines from HUD Website)
  • A person is considered homeless only when he/she resides in one of the places described below:
    • In places not meant for human habitation, such as cars, parks, sidewalks, abandoned buildings
    • In an emergency shelter.
    • In transitional or supportive housing for homeless persons who originally came from the streets or emergency shelters.
    • In any of the above places but is spending a short time (up to 30 consecutive days) in a hospital or other institution.
    • Is being evicted within a week from a private dwelling unit
    • Is being discharged within a week from an institution, such as a mental health or substance abuse treatment facility or a jail/prison, in which the person has been a resident for more than 30 consecutive days and no subsequent residence has been identified and the person lacks the resources and support networks needed to obtain housing.
    • Is fleeing a domestic violence housing situation

Applications are accepted 24 hours a day at the Family Service Center. For more information, please call 563-324-4808.